Superior Degassing and Decontamination with FQE LEL-V

Gain a competitive edge. Increase profitability. Reduce turnaround time.


The demand for system decontamination which meets or exceeds regulatory safety and environmental requirements is growing. FQE LEL-V is a safe, non-hazardous, non-petroleum based product for use in vessel decontamination/degassing. It is a proprietary blend of surfactants, penetrating and wetting agents, and specially selected safe chemicals that are not SARA 313, DOT, California Proposition 65 or CERCLA reportable. FQE LEL-V is best described as a super-detergent.


The competitive edge in cleaning and turnarounds


A carefully planned turnaround utilizing the FQE LEL-V absorption process has returned processing and crude units to full production in record time.


yellow-bulletCan be merged into the shutdown phase – minimizing turnaround time
yellow-bulletGreatly reduces steam-out time
yellow-bulletLimits release of hydrocarbon gasses
yellow-bulletExpedites entry into vessels without the use of fresh air
yellow-bulletReduces mechanical cleaning time
yellow-bulletWastewater disposal without concern for bioculture toxicity


Environmentally safe and friendly


Reduces personnel safety concerns and reduces the release of gas into the environment.


yellow-bulletReduces benzene to zero
yellow-bulletReduces H2S to zero
yellow-bulletReduces LELs to zero
yellow-bulletReduces/eliminates hazardous waste
yellow-bulletReduces Ammonia to zero
yellow-bulletNo VOC’s
yellow-bulletNo flash point


Amine units
Cat crackers
Caustic treaters
Crude units
Ethylene units
Flare systems
Gas compressor systems
Hydrocarbon tanks
Merox units
Natural gas sweetening units
Sour water stripper
Sour water tanks
Sponge absorbers


Rapid absorption of vapor-state hydrocarbons in an innovative encapsulant for effective decontamination and degassing of hydrocarbon processing equipment. Non-emulsifying. More efficient with LEL reduction capable of retaining upwards of 10 times the hydrocarbon concentration than competitive products. Significantly reduces equipment outage times.

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Get Superior Performance at a More Economical Price with FQE LEL-V Eco


FQE™ LEL-V Eco is designed to compete with less expensive competitor products. While less expensive than FQE LEL-V, FQE LEL-V Eco provides very good hard surface cleaning – much better than the competitive products that were tested. FQE LEL-V Eco also showed very good LEL reduction compared to the competitors.


FQE LEL-V Eco is water-based, non-combustible, mildly alkaline (pH 8.5-9) and safe for waste water treatment plant disposal. The degreasing capability for FQE LEL-V Eco is derived from new technology in solvency wherein the ingredients have very high KB Factors (well over 100+), but also act as surfactants. In addition, stripping of hydrocarbon vapors is accomplished by absorbency.


All of the FQE LEL products are chemically compatible with FQE™ H2S and FQE™ Pyrophoric and can be added in conjunction with these products during the steaming process for rapid reduction of LEL readings, effective control of both Hydrogen Sulphide and Iron Sulphide deposits.

Performance Comparisons

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LEL Reduction Chart

The below chart shows how FQE LEL-V and FQE LEL-V-Eco efficiently reduce LEL’s by a higher percentage in fewer spray cycles compared with competing products.


  1. Unleaded gasoline vapor as LEL source
  2. Two second application of product followed by 30 second settling time in between spray cycles. 3% aqueous solutions of chemical products at ambient temperature 24°C (75°F)
  3. MSA 4X gas meter, calibrated with CH4. Starting LEL point at 100%

FQE™ LEL-V Eco is a proprietary blend of safe, non-hazardous surfactants and a proprietary solvent that uses the properties of a surfactant to outperform many solvents used in industrial cleaning applications.

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FQE LEL-V Technical Bulletin


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Application of FQE LEL-V – Vapor Phase Cleaning



FQE LEL-V is applied by steam injection for vapor phase cleaning of process equipment. It is directly injected into the steam line during typical equipment steaming operations. The steam acts as a carrier for effective distribution of FQE LEL-V throughout the vessel. FQE LEL-V coats all of the equipment surfaces and absorbs hydrocarbon vapors as it is carried through the vapor space. Condensed liquids can easily be processed through wastewater operations with contained hydrocarbons.


The vapor phase process of application can reduce unit downtime by up to 80% over conventional steam-out methods. Vapor phase cleaning reduces wastewater generation by over 50%.


FQE LEL-V can also be applied by the spray method, vat soaking, or cascading. A sufficient volume of treating fluid should be supplied to allow for a continuous circulation to be established.


The circulation fluid should be heated to 66°-82°C (150°-180°F) and circulated for 6-24 hours depending on the deposits present and the diameter of the vessel. Typically, 0.5-3.0% by volume concentration in water is adequate. For tanks, it is recommended that a 3D spray nozzle system be used to apply the product. The number of nozzles used will depend upon the diameter of the unit to be degassed, however, the spray pattern should cover the entire diameter of the vessel. For piping, the column of the pipe should be filled and circulated.


Wastewater disposal


FQE LEL-V will not strongly emulsify residual oils, allowing for a rapid phase separation of the oils after the circulation fluid has been removed from the unit. The residual oils can be recovered or disposed of. The remaining wastewater will be relatively free of oils and can be sent directly to the wastewater plant for processing. No prolonged delays in wastewater processing are expected.