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FQE NORM Decontamination

NORM decontamination products will remove Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material from contaminated equipment.
FQE NORM-Clear is the only chemical available for the removal of NORM contamination found in vessels, tanks, and process pipework. This product can be added at the end of equipment decontamination and can be dosed into the steam vapor or applied through liquid circulation.

FQE NORM-Scale is used to remove surface scale in NORM remediation and can be followed in this application by FQE NORM-Clear as a non-destructive method to remove any radioactive material that is
embedded in the metal pores.

FQE NORM-Precip is intended to be used in conjunction with and following the application of FQE NORM-Clear to obtain radioactive free wastewater for reduced hazardous disposal.


Using chemical degassing products will help you gain a competitive edge, increase profitability, and reduce turnaround time for your operation.

Chemical Decontamination

Eliminate dangerous elements inside your equipment in a way that minimizes both cost and safety risk.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

With chemical heat exchanger cleaning there is no pulling equipment out of service for a week. No hydroblasting. And, no re-fabricating of bundles.
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NORM Decontamination

We recently completed the world’s first specialized NORM chemical application on a Depropanizer in Texas, achieving exceptional results.

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