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Download all of our product technical data sheets in PDF format below. Organized by Chemical Family.
Chemical Family

FQE Degassing


Rapid absorption and encapsulation of vapor-state hydrocarbons.

FQE LEL-Surface

Patented product for cost-effective hard surface cleaning and hydrocarbon vapor absorption.

FQE LEL Scrubber

FQE LEL Scrubber is a proprietary blend of safe, non-hazardous ingredients used to scrub hydrocarbons from gas streams. It contains no SARA 313, DOT Hazmat Table 172.101, California Proposition 65 or CERCLA reportable materials.

Chemical Family

FQE Solvent


FQE Solvent-H+ improves on the decades long foundation of the Solvent-H technology to increase the effectiveness in dissolving solid hydrocarbon deposits.

FQE Solvent-HW

Highly effective in dissolving hydrocarbon deposits and various vinyl/acrylic resins.

FQE Solvent-ME

Water-based degreaser for dissolving high mole organics.

FQE Solvent-PR+

Rapid removal of solid hydrocarbon and polymer deposits.

Chemical Family

FQE H2S Scavenger

H2S scavenger for the rapid and permanent elimination of H2S.

H2S  scavenger for the rapid and permanent elimination of oil-based H2S.

FQE H2S Scavenger Z

FQE H2S Scavenger Z is a non-triazine solution for treating H2S entrained in water. 

Chemical Family

FQE Pyrophoric Control

Non-hazardous product for effective control of pyrophoric iron deposits.

Chemical Family

FQE NORM Decontamination

Patented product for the removal of NORM contamination equipment.

Effective removal of dissolved radioactive salts in aqueous streams.

Chemical Family

FQE Scale Control

Patent pending product for the dissolution and removal of barium scale deposits.

FQE Scale Solv SS

Engineered cleaning compound for the removal of scale deposits common to refinery, petrochemical, and utility operations.

Chemical Family

FQE Odor Control

Rapid removal and deodorizing of ammonia odors.

General deodorant for rapid removal of malodors.

Rapid removal of mercaptan and disulfide odors.

Chemical Family

FQE Degreaser

FQE Solvent-H

Designed to effectively penetrate and disperse hydrocarbons trapped in porous metallic surfaces.

FQE Solvent-HW

For complete environmentally friendly degreasing with a pleasant citrus scent.

FQE Solvent-ME

Effective, aluminum-safe alkaline degreaser for fin-fans and other soft metals.

FQE Solvent-PR

Alkaline degreaser for waxes and carbon deposits.

FQE Solvent-PR+

Alkaline degreaser for heavy oil and grease deposits.

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