Mines that are used to access deposits of valuable resources are susceptible to several types of fouling.

Depending on the type of mining, there are several different kinds of fouling that can occur.

In addition to the type of mine, the product being mined can also determine the type of foulants that will appear in equipment.

Mining Applications

yellow-bulletHazardous NORM deposits from the earth can gather in equipment and can become a radiation issue over time.

yellow-bulletSalt or halite mines tend to accumulate harmful H2S gases that accumulate in brine water that must be neutralized for both worker safety and to prevent equipment corrosion.

yellow-bulletFilters used in processing products gather pyrophoric materials and are highly flammable.

yellow-bulletProcessing equipment can become less efficient due to a variety of hydrocarbon deposits that reduce both throughput and quality.

yellow-bulletMineral scales can also build up over time and cause the same type of issues as hydrocarbon deposits.

yellow-bulletItems such as pump slabs, concrete parking lots, cooling tower basins and fill, etc. will foul with several products.

Our Chemicals for Mining

FQE® Chemicals has developed innovative chemicals for the mining industry that targets specific foulants in your operation. The chemical cleaning methods reduce downtime and costs, while increasing safety and operational efficiencies.

Chemical Family

FQE Solvent

FQE Chemicals dispersants and solvents are designed to target and decontaminate deposits according to their chemical makeup for rapid and effective cleaning.
Chemical Family

FQE H2S Scavenger

Our line of H2S Scavengers provide non-reversible elimination of harmful hydrogen sulfide gases in process equipment.
Chemical Family

FQE Pyrophoric Control

Provides a safe and effective method of neutralizing dangerous iron sulfide deposits on processing equipment to eliminate the hazardous fire risk.
Chemical Family

FQE NORM Decontamination

NORM decontamination products will remove Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material from contaminated equipment.
Chemical Family

FQE Degassing

Degassing products provide rapid absorption of dangerous LEL’s and other gases in tanks, towers, and other processing equipment.
Chemical Family

FQE Scale Control

Scale control chemicals are effective at dissolving difficult scale deposits that collect on common refinery and utility equipment that cause reduced production and system flow.

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