Case History

Innovative chemical scale treatments boost well production at a fraction of the cost and effort of traditional methods

Chemicals Utilized

Patent pending product for the dissolution and removal of barium scale deposits

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Ba Chemicals

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These successful case studies were executed by our distribution and service partner Ba Chemicals.


An operator in Oklahoma decreased their LOE cost by 95% from the previous year by utilizing an FQE Barium-Clear treatment.

A producing oil well encountered downhole problems to the pump and rods due to iron sulfate and iron sulfide scaling issues. In 2019 the well had to be pulled 6 times.

In November of 2019, a 50 bbl batch treatment was performed down the backside. The well was shut in over the weekend, and weekly batch treatment of 33 gallons was initiated. The well’s production has stayed steady with a minor increase in production but has not had any downtime since treatments began. Overall, LOE costs have decreased 95% from the year prior by eliminating the need for a workover rig to replace rod parts/pump from the scale issue.


FQE Barium-Clear treatment increases production and production times for an operator in Kansas.

The well was treated with 100 gallons of FQE Barium-Clear and shut-in overnight. Production was returned the next day, and continuous batch treatments were started. Before our treatment, the operator would scale up pump and lose production in 1-2 weeks, the well has been pumping for over 9 weeks now, and production has increased.


FQE Barium-Clear treatment increases production and production times for an operator in Oklahoma

We started batch treatments of FQE Barium-Clear in a pumping oil well that would only run for about 1 week. Since treatment started, the well has been producing for 4+ months with no downtime and has seen an increase in production.

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