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New Case History Canada

A SAGD oil sands facility, located in Northern Alberta used FQE® Solvent-ME to remove high asphaltenic bitumen residue from piping, vessels and pumps. See the before and after photos.

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High-Intensity Treatment of Asphaltene Fouled Crude Unit Heat Exchangers

New Case History USA

A large refinery in the western United States sought out a solution to remove asphaltene fouling and improve the performance of eight heat exchangers in their crude unit pre-heat train.

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Rail Car Line Sheet

Railcar Cleaning Chemicals

We provide an innovative railcar cleaning system that is designed to significantly reduce cleaning duration’s and waste effluent volumes via a vapor phase injection application.

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New Videos

Vacuum Tower Bottoms Sample Dissolution

Petrochemical Heat Exchanger Debris Dissolution

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Industry Focused. Educational Blog.

Learn from our chemical development team about the roles chemicals play in the industrial sectors through this educational series.

Part 19: Water Formed Scale

Scaling is a common problem frequently encountered in oil and gas production, petroleum refining and other industrial operations where water…

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Part 18: Paraffin Deposition Theory and Control

Part 18 - Paraffin Deposition Theory and Control

Paraffin separation from crude oil or distilled intermediates produces two detrimental conditions – plugging and increasing energy demand…

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