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FQE Solvent-H

Removing Solid Asphalt Video

Watch our video demonstrating FQE® Solvent-H versus competitive products (d-limonene/terpene percarbonate) in dissolving solid asphalt via vapor phase.

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Latest Case History

FQE Solvent-H was used on two heat exchangers; both running flash crude and vacuum resid. The heat exchanger tubes were vapor phased for 30-40 min, and the shell side was done in 35-45 min.

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FQE Pyrophoric

Pyrophoric Control

FQE Pyrophoric is a water-based product designed to control the combustion of iron sulphide deposits. This is accomplished in an unconventional way: by preventing oxidation.

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Case History

Chemical Cleaning of Canadian High Asphaltenic Bitumen at a SAGD Oil Sands Facility


A SAGD oil sands facility, located in Northern Alberta used FQE® Solvent-ME to remove ultra-high viscosity bitumen residue from piping, vessels and pumps.

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Industry Focused. Educational Blog.

Learn from our award-winning chemist—the developer of over 200 chemistries—about the roles chemicals play in the industrial sectors through this educational series.

Part 17: Refining Catalysis and Deactivation

Catalysis plays a key role in petroleum refining as most of the processes beyond the crude unit are catalytic. Since most straight-run fuels produced…

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Part 16: Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Technology

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Technology

Hydrogen Sulfide is a toxic, colorless gas that is invisible, explosive, flammable, heavier than air and a leading cause of fatalities in the oil and gas…

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FQE Chemicals Industry Focused Blog

Doug Mason Chemical Industry Blog

Visit the FQE Chemicals blog home page to keep up with all the latest posts written by award-winning chemist, Douglas Mason, M.Sc., Organic Chemistry.

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