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H2S Scavenger - FQE H2S

Hydrogen Sulfide Control

FQE H2S is water-based, proprietary polymeric that works nearly immediately, is non-reversible, and prevents the formation of hazardous solids in valves, pipelines, and other essential equipment.

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FQE Scale-Solv BA - Patent Pending

New Barium Sulfate Scale

Proprietary chemical designed specifically for hard scale removal. Utilizing dissolvers with catalytic activators enhance the rate of dissolution and has proven effective with a wide variety of scales.

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FQE Solvent-H Asphaltene Dissolver

Asphaltene Control

Restores process efficiencies, eliminates costly hazardous waste disposal, and recovers valuable hydrocarbons for reintroduction into the refining process — creating additional production revenue.

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New White Paper / Case History

NORM Decontamination White Paper

In-depth case history


We recently completed the world’s first specialized NORM chemical application on a Depropanizer in Texas, achieving exceptional results.

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NORM Decontamination White Paper

Industry Focused. Educational Blog.

Learn from our award-winning chemist—the developer of over 200 chemistries—about the roles chemicals play in the industrial sectors through this educational series.

Part 12: Emulsions and Their Formation

Emulsion formation blog

Petroleum refining and oil and gas production operations generate both oil-in-water (O/W) and water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions. These emulsions…

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Part 11: Refinery Catalytic Reactors and Vapour-Phase Degreasing

Refinery Catalytic Reactors Blog

The hydrotreating process involves mixing hydrogen with sour hydrocarbon feed inside a reactor filled with cobalt/molybdenum (CoMo) or nickel/molybdenum…

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FQE Chemicals Industry Focused Blog

Doug Mason Chemical Industry Blog

Visit the FQE Chemicals blog home page to keep up with all the latest posts written by award-winning chemist, Douglas Mason, M.Sc., Organic Chemistry.

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Our Chemicals Get Results. Guaranteed.

Chemical Decontamination of NORM in Natural Gas Processing Equipment

NORM Decontamination Case History

Learn how we decontaminated a bank of natural gas filters that were contaminated with radioactive NORM scale within 6-hours, resulting in a 95% reduction in outage time.

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Chemical Decontamination of a Sour Naphtha Tank

Sour Naphtha Tank Case History

Learn how we reduced the hydrogen sulfide content from a sour naphtha tank from 40,000 ppm to 0 ppm in less than 2 hours, reducing the outage time by 98%.

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Chemical Decontamination of an Ammonia Vessel

Ammonia Sphere Decontamination

Learn how we decontaminated an ammonia storage sphere from over 40,000 ppm to 0 pmm of ammonia within 6 hoursreducing outage time by 95% utilizing FQE™ Ammonia Odour.

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