Chemical Family

FQE Pyrophoric Control

Provides a safe and effective method of neutralizing dangerous iron sulfide deposits on processing equipment to eliminate the hazardous fire risk.

FQE® Pyrophoric is a non-toxic, non-hazardous formulation designed for application in any operation where pyrophoric iron presents a hazard. This product is effective in the removal of iron sulfide scale deposits commonly encountered in refinery, natural gas production and chemical manufacturing operations.

FQE Pyrophoric W

The “W” indicates a winter blend solution where the freezing temperature is lowered to -15°F.

Pyrophoric Control

Deactivate Inlet Gas Filters

Gas filters can gather iron sulfide deposits, which not only cause the filter to lower its’ performance, but also are highly flammable.


Using chemical degassing products will help you gain a competitive edge, increase profitability, and reduce turnaround time for your operation.

Chemical Decontamination

Eliminate dangerous elements inside your equipment in a way that minimizes both cost and safety risk.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

With chemical heat exchanger cleaning there is no pulling equipment out of service for a week. No hydroblasting. And, no re-fabricating of bundles.

Tank Cleaning

We offer a chemical tank cleaning methodology that’s changing the industry standard.

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