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Below you will find a collection of videos from our lab where we have tested a range of samples from clients to show how effective our chemicals are.
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Railcar Cleaning Application Animation with our Specialized Chemistries

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This experiment was set up to determine the efficiency of asphaltene dissolution using FQE Solvent-H versus two industry alternatives and water. As evidenced in the experiment, the soluble asphaltene was completely dissolved with vapor phase application of FQE Solvent-H. The alternatives tested essentially yielded the same results as using water (steam).

At the end of an hour, when only insoluble coke remained in the FQE beaker, a spatula was used to easily remove particulates from the beaker wall. FQE Solvent-H condensate was then transferred with the spatula to the other three beakers. The powerful active ingredients of FQE Solvent-H, in condensate, was able to solubilize the deposits in the remaining beakers.

In essence, the experiment mimics decontamination of vertical vessels using a vapor phase cleaning technique. The asphalt along the side of the beakers represent heavy fouling of vessels and process equipment, easily addressed by FQE Solvent-H. This video was shot in the FQE Chemicals Lab in Deer Park, Texas.

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This videos shows a crystalline asphalt sample being dissolved with FQE Solvent-H.

Filmed in the FQE Chemicals lab in Deer Park, Texas.

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Sample provided by petrochemical facility located in Baytown, Texas.

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Samples Provided by a Port Arthur, TX Refinery. Tested in 5% FQE Solvent-H in Diesel.

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Sample provided by petrochemical facility located in Baytown, Texas. Gas oil decontaminated with FQE Wax Degreaser (formerly known as FQE Degreaser-ACHW)