Chemical Family

FQE Degreaser

Degreaser products target foulants and provide efficient cleaning of oils and greases while ensuring safe working environments.
FQE Solvent-H
FQE Pore Clean is an environmentally safe, aqueous mixture developed as a final polishing step during a change of service. It will remove hydrocarbon from the pores of metal or substrate and will keep it dispersed in water for several hours before any phase separation occurs.
FQE Solvent-HW
FQE Degreaser Citrus is an environmentally friendly concentrated liquid solvent cleaner containing naturally occurring orange terpene solvents together with a blend of selected anionic and nonionic emulsifiers and penetrating agents. It is an exceptional choice for effective and safe work on difficult hydrocarbon fouling.
FQE Solvent-ME
FQE Fin-Fan Degreaser is excellent in removing light to medium oil contaminants typically found in refinery and petrochemical plant air coolers (Fin-Fans). It is safe for application to soft metal surfaces such as aluminum and brass. Excellent surface adhesion for prolonged contact and superior degreasing activity.
FQE Solvent-PR
FQE Wax Degreaser is a liquid cleaning formulation containing a blend of penetrating and emulsifying agents. These, coupled with a special blend of inorganic “builders”, give a product with all-around superior performance and economy for removal of waxes and hydrocarbon deposits.
FQE Solvent-PR+
FQE Oil Degreaser is an alkaline water-based degreaser for efficient cleaning of heavy oils and greases typically found in petroleum refineries. With its high pH this chemical is a moderate emulsifier that will phase separate removed oils when the cleaning liquid is static. A special blend of inorganic builders is incorporated for water softening, detergency and all-around superior performance.

Video Description

Chemical utilized is FQE Wax Degreaser (previously FQE Degreaser ACHW). Sample provided by a refinery located in Corpus Christi, Texas.


Using chemical degassing products will help you gain a competitive edge, increase profitability, and reduce turnaround time for your operation.

Chemical Decontamination

Eliminate dangerous elements inside your equipment in a way that minimizes both cost and safety risk.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

With chemical heat exchanger cleaning there is no pulling equipment out of service for a week. No hydroblasting. And, no re-fabricating of bundles.

Tank Cleaning

We offer a chemical tank cleaning methodology that’s changing the industry standard.

Railcar Cleaning

Utilizing an innovative railcar cleaning system, significantly reduce cleaning durations and waste effluent volumes via a vapor phase injection application.

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