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FQE Solvent

FQE Chemicals dispersants and solvents are designed to target and decontaminate deposits according to their chemical makeup for rapid and effective cleaning.

FQE Solvent-H+ is a new patent-pending concentrated liquid asphaltene dispersant / solvent decontaminant containing benzene free aromatic petroleum solvents with a blend of new and improved selected dispersants, penetrants, wetting and anti-static agents.  FQE Solvent-H+ improves on the decades long foundation of the Solvent-H technology to increase the effectiveness in dissolving solid hydrocarbon deposits. 

FQE Solvent-HW
FQE Solvent-HW is a polymer/wax dispersant and decontaminant. It is highly effective in dissolving solid hydrocarbon deposits, and various vinyl and acrylic resins typically found in vacuum tower bottoms, cat-crackers, coker fractionator bottoms, oil storage tanks, heat exchangers, and other processing equipment.
FQE Solvent-ME
FQE Solvent-ME is a water-based micro-emulsion cleaner based on award-winning FQE Solvent-H for dissolving asphaltenes, and high mole weight waxes. This product removes the need for cutter stock and a final degrease wash, leaving all surfaces left water wet.
FQE Solvent-PR
FQE Solvent-PR is effective in the dissolution of polymers common to petroleum industries such as butadiene, polyamide, and resinous polymers. This product provides rapid removal of hard deposits found in piping, exchangers, towers, and other processing equipment.
FQE Solvent-PR+
FQE Solvent PR+ is very effective in dissolving hydrocarbon-based solids common to refinery operations such as asphaltenes, resin and various polymers (butadiene/styrene). FQE Solvent PR+ is non-corrosive to stainless steel and all soft metals and will not harm refinery catalyst activity.
FQE Solvent-W
FQE Solvent-W is highly effective in dissolving solid hydrocarbon deposits and various vinyl or acrylic resins typically found in vacuum tower bottoms, cat-crackers, coker fractionator bottoms, oil storage tanks, heat exchangers and other processing equipment found in the petrochemical manufacturing industry.

Video Description

This experiment was set up to determine the efficiency of asphaltene dissolution using FQE Solvent-H versus two industry alternatives and water. As evidenced in the experiment, the soluble asphaltene was completely dissolved with vapor phase application of FQE Solvent-H. The alternatives tested essentially yielded the same results as using water (steam).

At the end of an hour, when only insoluble coke remained in the FQE beaker, a spatula was used to easily remove particulates from the beaker wall. FQE Solvent-H condensate was then transferred with the spatula to the other three beakers. The powerful active ingredients of FQE Solvent-H, in condensate, was able to solubilize the deposits in the remaining beakers.

In essence, the experiment mimics decontamination of vertical vessels using a vapor phase cleaning technique. The asphalt along the side of the beakers represent heavy fouling of vessels and process equipment, easily addressed by FQE Solvent-H. This video was shot in the FQE Chemicals Lab in Deer Park, Texas.

Video Description

This videos shows a crystalline asphalt sample being dissolved with FQE Solvent-H.

Filmed in the FQE Chemicals lab in Deer Park, Texas.

Video Description

Sample provided by petrochemical facility located in Baytown, Texas.

Video Description

Samples Provided by a Port Arthur, TX Refinery. Tested in 5% FQE Solvent-H in Diesel.


Using chemical degassing products will help you gain a competitive edge, increase profitability, and reduce turnaround time for your operation.

Chemical Decontamination

Eliminate dangerous elements inside your equipment in a way that minimizes both cost and safety risk.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

With chemical heat exchanger cleaning there is no pulling equipment out of service for a week. No hydroblasting. And, no re-fabricating of bundles.

Tank Cleaning

We offer a chemical tank cleaning methodology that’s changing the industry standard.

Railcar Cleaning

Utilizing an innovative railcar cleaning system, significantly reduce cleaning durations and waste effluent volumes via a vapor phase injection application.

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