By targeting specific foulants with our chemistry, the contaminants in your equipment can be removed efficiently and effectively. Explore why each of these contaminants is a problem in the industry, what current practices exist and what our chemicals can do.

Asphaltene Control

Asphaltenes are found in storage tanks and also deposit in equipment such as desalters and heat exchangers – causing inefficiencies such as heat transfer loss and process upsets.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is a lethal gas that can be present in refinery operations, oil and gas production, wastewater treatment operations and many other industries.

Pyrophoric Control

Pyrophoric Iron is a form of Iron Sulphide that will combust on exposure to oxygen. It is formed by reaction of Hydrogen Sulphide with carbon steel.

NORM Decontamination

Naturally occurring radioactive material, or NORM, is a common problem in the oil and gas industry and can be found in vessels, tanks and process pipework.

Barium Sulfate Scale

Barium Sulfate Scales interfere with fluid flow, enhance corrosion, causes production losses, result in equipment replacement, damage equipment and may host bacteria.