Natural Gas Processing

Natural gas processing comes with challenges. With contaminants in equipment causing reduced throughput and compromising product quality, it is important to find a solution for safe, efficient and cost-effective foulant cleaning.

The processing of natural gas includes removing contaminants like water vapor, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from incoming gas streams.

After removal of these contaminants the natural gas can either be pressurized and sent for further processing via pipelines or it can be separated into its primary fractions. During the compression and/or separation the vapor-state and liquid-state hydrocarbons and NORM’s contained in the natural gas can accumulate over time and foul the processing equipment.

Natural Gas Plant Applications

yellow-bulletFilters used to process natural gas can gather iron sulfide deposits, which not only cause the filter to lower its’ performance, but also are also highly flammable.

yellow-bulletGlycol dehydration systems can foul with paraffins, iron sulfides, and degraded inhibitors and other chemicals used in pipeline transportation.

yellow-bulletAmine units will foul with iron sulfides and degraded amine which will promote foaming and priming.

yellow-bulletLubrication and hydraulic systems will foul from degraded oil treatment chemicals and other product ingress.

yellow-bulletAir coolers (Fin-Fans) will foul on the air-side thereby reducing efficiency.

yellow-bulletSurfaces such as pump slabs, concrete parking lots, cooling tower basins and fill, etc. will foul with several products.

yellow-bulletBarium sulfate can be a problem in all the front-end equipment as it is transported by the pipeline or gathering strings.

Our Chemicals for Natural Gas Plants

These chemical families below are used together to increase workplace safety, reduce foulants, and increase product quality within the facility.

Chemical Family

FQE Solvent

Our dispersants and solvents are designed to target and decontaminate deposits according to their chemical makeup for rapid and effective cleaning.
Chemical Family

FQE H2S Scavenger

Our line of H2S Scavengers provide non-reversible elimination of harmful hydrogen sulfide gases in process equipment.
Chemical Family

FQE Pyrophoric

Provides a safe and effective method of neutralizing dangerous iron sulfide deposits on processing equipment to eliminate the hazardous fire risk.
Chemical Family

FQE NORM Decontamination

NORM decontamination products will remove Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material from contaminated equipment.
Chemical Family

FQE Degassing

Degassing products provide rapid absorption of dangerous LEL’s and other gases in tanks, towers, and other processing equipment.
Chemical Family

FQE Scale Control

Scale control chemicals are effective at dissolving difficult scale deposits that collect on common refinery and utility equipment that cause reduced production and system flow.
Chemical Family

FQE Odor Control

Chemistry designed to remove, neutralize, and deodorize malodors occurring in equipment.
Chemical Family

FQE Degreaser

Degreaser products target foulants and provide efficient cleaning of oils and greases while ensuring safe working environments.

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