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  • fqe-lel-v-25 Rapid absorption of vapor-state hydrocarbons in an innovative encapsulant for effective decontamination and degassing of hydrocarbon processing equipment. Non-emulsifying. More efficient with LEL reduction capable of retaining upwards of 10 times the hydrocarbon concentration than competitive products. Significantly reduces equipment outage times. Learn more about Degassing
  • FQE LEL-V Eco FQE™ LEL-V Eco is a proprietary blend of safe, non-hazardous surfactants and a proprietary solvent that uses the properties of a surfactant to outperform many solvents used in industrial cleaning applications. Learn more about Degassing
  • FQE NORM-Clear - Patent Pending FQE™ NORM-Clear is an exclusive water soluble product developed with selective extractants designed to completely remove NORM (Naturally occurring radioactive material) contamination from vessels, tanks or process pipework. It is applied as an additive at the end of decontamination procedures, and addresses highly radiotoxic isotopes that deposit. Learn more about NORM Decontamination
  • fqe-norm-precip-25 FQE™ NORM-Precip is formulated for use in the removal of dissolved radioactive salts in aqueous streams. FQE NORM-Precip is intended to be used in conjunction with and following the application of FQE NORM-Clear to obtain radioactive free waste water. Learn more about NORM Decontamination
  • fqe-h2s-25 Designed for instantaneous and permanent elimination of Hydrogen Sulfide present in refining and other process equipment. Safe and effective permanent removal of the toxicity of Hydrogen Sulfide. The most efficient abatement product on the market capable of removing 3 moles of sulfide to 1 mole of active chemical. Learn more about Hydrogen Sulfide Control
  • fqe-sulfa-rid-25 FQE™ Sulfa-Rid is a proprietary blend of non-toxic, non-hazardous sequestering agents and proprietary nitrogenous compounds designed for application in operations where hydrogen sulfide is a hazard and is removed via reaction with various triazine-based scavengers. Learn more about Dithiazine Solid Cleaning
  • fqe-pyrophoric-25 Prevents hazardous oxidation of iron sulfide and the potential dangers of a flash fire or explosion in hydrocarbon processing equipment. Non-hazardous, non-acidic in nature. Safe and effective control of pyrophoric iron deposits. Learn more about Pyrophoric Control
  • fqe-solvent-h-25 Created for the dissolution and recovery of asphaltenes in process equipment, pipelines and storage tanks. Will dissolve high molecular weight asphaltenes and maintain a liquid state for effective recovery and reintroduction of a valuable hydrocarbon stream into the refining process. Virtually eliminates the cost of disposing of asphaltene deposits as a hazardous waste. Learn more about Asphaltene Control
  • fqe-solvent-me-25 A concentrated solvent cleaner containing aromatic solvents with a blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants and penetrating agents. It has a high flash point and is non-combustible. Very effective in dissolving high mole weight waxes and asphaltenes. As a water-based micro-emulsion cleaner, FQE™ Solvent-ME will water-wet the surface following rinsing with water. Will leave equipment ready for hot work.
  • fqe-clean-earth-25 Effective in the mitigation and removal of hydrocarbon contaminated soils. Will eliminate upwards of 75% of hydrocarbon contamination within 72 hours of application. Water-based and safe digestion of oil-soiled earth. Learn more about Bioremediation
  • fqe-degreaser-acmo-25 An alkaline water based degreaser containing organic solvents, wetting and penetrating agents for efficient cleaning of heavy oils and greases typically found in petroleum refineries. With its high pH this chemical is a moderate emulsifier that will phase separate removed oils when the cleaning liquid is static. A special blend of inorganic builders is incorporated for water softening, detergency and all-around superior performance.
  • fqe-scale-solv-25 FQE™ Scale-Solv contains wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors, sequestering agents and accelerators for effective cleaning of difficult scales such as barium sulfate. Will effectively dissolve silicates.
  • FQE Scale-Solv BA - Patent Pending FQE™ Scale-Solv BA is a liquid concentrate of carefully selected inorganic and organic compounds designed specifically for the dissolution and removal of Barium scale deposits. Learn more about Barium Sulfate Scale
  • fqe-scale-solv-ca-25 Water-based, polyelectrolyte for carbonate scales of calcium, magnesium and barium. Rapid destruction and removal of carbonate scales of Series 2A elements. Non-acidic, non-corrosive, and personnel safe.
  • FQE Scale Inhibitor CA Water-based inhibitor for control of Calcium/Magnesium Carbonate/Sulfate Scales in producing wells, water injection systems and water disposal. Crystal distortion to prevent crystal growth and expansion, personnel safe, and non-corrosive.
  • FQE Scale Inhibitor BA Water-based scale inhibitor for control of difficult Barium Sulfate scales in producing wells, surface equipment and transmission piping. Effective prevention of oil field Barium Sulfate deposits. Crystal growth distortion combined with thin film surface protection to prevent crystal attachment. Neutral pH, personnel safe.
  • FQE Scale Inhibitor OS Oil-soluble inhibitor for active scale prevention where crude oil is the major phase and the produced water volume is small. Effective broad spectrum scale prevention. When water is contacted, the active scale preventatives will partition to the water phase. Non-flammable.
  • FQE Rust Preventer FQE Rust Preventer is a liquid concentrate of carefully selected inorganic and organic compounds designed specifically for the prevention of oxidation products on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. FQE Rust Preventer forms a thin layer on the metal surface and will provide up to 24 months of continuous protection.
  • fqe-scale-inhibitor-cmc-25 FQE™ Scale Inhibitor CMC is an aqueous solution scale inhibitor concentrate used for prevention of carbonate and gypsum scale deposition.
  • fqe-scale-inhibitor-bcs-25 FQE™ Scale Inhibitor BCS is a thermally stable scale inhibitor concentrate used for prevention of sulfate scale deposition.
  • FQE Ammonia Odor Exceptionally rapid removal of potentially toxic and annoying ammonia odors in refinery operations. Personnel safe, equipment compatible for effective ammonia control.
  • FQE General Odor A safe and effective encapsulant for the removal of annoying malodors. Effective in the removal of cigarette/cigar odor, rotting flesh, fishy and other nitrogen and sulfur-based odors. Can be safely applied via atomization or liquid addition. Can be formulated with a choice of additive pleasant aromas.
  • FQE Mercaptan Odor Developed for the removal of offensive mercaptan and disulfide odors in crude oils and in refinery operations. Non-deodorant, pleasant aroma. Is effective for application in oil-soluble as well as aqueous fluids.
  • FQE Acrylics Odor An effective reactive deodorant product for controlling the pungent odors associated with vinyl compounds such as acrylic esters and vinyl chloride.Will effectively and rapidly eliminate these malodors reducing personnel exposure concerns and potential nuisance odor releases.
  • fqe-dust-control-st-25 Designed for protecting piles of powder, coke and iron ore subject to wind penetration. For piles that are meant to remain untouched for long periods of time in the field. Water insoluble when the film dries.
  • fqe-dust-control-pa-25 Designed for piles of particulates that are subject to wind dusting and are frequently disturbed on a daily basis.
  • fqe-dust-control-hs-25 A safe and naturally occurring composition that provides inexpensive dust control for parking lots and unpaved road surfaces.
  • fqe-dust-control-ce-25 Designed for application on piles that are disturbed daily and produce high particle counts in the air. It is a coating that has moderate rain resistance and excellent resistance to wind penetration. Inexpensive cost allows for more frequent applications.
  • fqe-dust-control-cl-25 Excellent for road surfaces and piles that will not be disturbed for extended periods of time and are subject to wind concerns. Sets up very hard and is durable, almost like paving the surface.
  • FQE Water Softener FQE® Water Softener is compacted softener salt pellets formulated to prevent mushing and bridging in the water softener equipment system brine tank helping to keep the softener clean and trouble-free.
  • FQE Clear View SC FQE® Clear View SC is a neutral pH aqueous glass cleaning mixture developed by FQE Chemicals scientists to provide a better, cleaner, spot and streak free glass.
  • FQE Vehicle Surface Brightener FQE® Vehicle Surface Brightener is a mildly acidic cleaning compound for speedy introduction into road film, inorganic scale and oil-based soils.
  • FQE Vehicle Wash FQE® Vehicle Wash is designed for effective removal of accumulated oil and grease deposits from transportation vehicles ranging from light automobiles and trucks to heavy earth-moving equipment.
  • fqe-coat-protect-c-25 Water-based coating used to prevent surface rusting of carbon steel goods such as drill pipe when stored in exterior environments. The coating is durable, self-healing and rapid drying to a non-tacky touch within 30 minutes of application. Spray on, ready to apply. Non-pigmented, clear, high luster finish.
  • fqe-coat-protect-jb-25 FQE™ Coat Protect-C with a high-density, jet black pigment added. Provides the same protection as FQE™ Coat Protect-C. High cover for blemishes, fast drying finishing with a high-gloss, jet black colour.
  • fqe-coat-protect-lt-25 FQE™ Coat Protect-C with a high-density, jet black pigment added. Provides the same protection as FQE™ Coat Protect-C. High cover for blemishes, fast drying finishing with a high-gloss, jet black colour.
  • fqe-degreaser-l-25 Water-based, low flash point, pleasant orange aroma, potent solvent for dissolving greases and hydrocarbon solids in refinery equipment. Anti-static and safe for vapor phase degreasing in steam injection or hydrogen cool-down application. High KB value.
  • fqe-degreaser-l3-25 A water-based, modified version of FQE™ Degreaser-L designed for effective removal of surface oil-soluble contaminants. Has the same pleasant orange aroma of FQE™ Degreaser-L. High KB value in a less expensive application.
  • fqe-degreaser-acho-25 Alkaline degreaser for heavy oils/greases, compatible with stainless steel, rapid oil separation, caustic.
  • FQE Degreaser L-5 FQE Degreaser-L5 is an environmentally friendly concentrated liquid solvent cleaner containing naturally occurring orange terpene solvents together with a blend of selected anionic and non-ionic emulsifiers and penetrating agents.
  • fqe-degreaser-achw-25 Alkaline degreaser for waxes/carbon deposits, used on belt presses in dewatering systems, caustic.
  • fqe-degreaser-amf-25 Mildly alkaline, high water-soluble solvent concentrate, moderate foam, foam-on applications, rapid foam break.
  • FQE Degreaser AGA FQE™ Degreaser-AGA is an environmentally safe, aqueous mixture of surfactants, strong alkaline builders and organic solvents developed for use in cleaning trucks, refuse haulers and machinery.
  • FQE Degreaser AKBC FQE Degreaser-AKBC is a liquid cleaning formulation containing a blend of non-ionic and anionic wetting, penetrating, and emulsifying agents. These, coupled with a special blend of inorganic “builders” for water softening and detergency, give a product with all-around superior performance and economy for removal of industrial soils in the medium heavy range.
  • fqe-fin-fan-degreaser-25 A high foaming surface degreasing product designed for application on soft metals such as aluminium and brass. Excellent in removing light to medium oil contaminants typically found in refinery and petrochemical plant air coolers (Fin Fans). Excellent surface adhesion for prolonger contact and superior degreasing activity. Water-based and water rinsible.
  • FQE O2 Scavenger FQE® O2 Scavenger is a highly effective liquid oxygen scavenger for use in fresh and salt waters and in drilling fluids to prevent corrosion due to dissolved oxygen.
  • fqe-fire-suppressant-25 FQE™ Fire Suppressant is a neutral pH fire retardant aqueous mixture developed to provide a better, cleaner, safer fire protection. It is designed to be applied on both active and potential fire protection. FQE Fire Suppressant cools the surface and forms a protective barrier preventing combustible materials from catching fire when in contact with an ignition source. Protection from potential fires is achieved when applied to oil spills, fuel spills and leaks, and any flammable liquids or solids.
  • fqe-02-clean-25 A degreasing compound is a cleaner and degreaser for use in cleaning heavy duty grease and soils from oxygen service equipment, drilling rigs, engines, pipelines, tankage, and all types of machinery and lease equipment. It can be used with equal effectiveness in cleaning machine shop tools, concrete floors, and soiled work areas.
  • fqe-lel-scrubber-25 Designed as a hydrocarbon vapor absorption fluid for use in portable scrubber equipment. Used to reduce fugitive emissions from uncontrolled sources such as vacuum trucks and vessel vents that are not tied into flare systems. Will remove more than 95% of incoming LEL vapor sources greatly reducing volatile organic compound releases to the air and air pollution. Will minimize the use and consumption of expensive activate carbon canisters as a source control method.
  • fqe-solvent-hw-25 Dispersant for asphaltenes and waxes.
  • fqe-solvent-lp-25 A concentrated liquid polymer dispersant /solvent decontaminant containing benzene-free aromatic petroleum solvents with a blend of selected dispersants, penetrants, wetting and anti-static agents.
  • fqe-solvent-ps-25 A concentrated liquid solvent cleaner containing selected aromatic petroleum solvents together with a blend of anionic and non-ionic emulsifiers and penetrating agents
  • fqe-solvent-w-25 FQE™ Solvent-W is a hydrocarbon-based product designed as a wax crystal modifier. This product disrupts wax crystal formation thereby limiting wax accumulation in crude oil handling equipment and limiting viscosity increase. Typically, large amounts of hydrocarbon solvent is used to control wax-derived viscosity. FQE Solvent-W can effectively reduce the requirement for hydrocarbon solvent volumes by as much as 50%.
  • FQE Dewax PL Good compound for removal of severe wax accumulations in formations, flow lines and surface equipment. Liquid, organic, surface active chemical for use in crude oil to control the deposition of paraffin. Lowers surface tension and penetrates paraffin deposits to greatly increase the speed of action of the solvent. Can be used as an additive in hot oil cleaning of wells and surface equipment Eliminates lost production and excessive flowline pressure build-up.
  • fqe-degreaser-o2-line-25 FQE™ Degreaser O2 Line is an aqueous liquid general purpose cleaner composed of biodegradable, synthetic surfactants, mildly alkaline builders, and suitable buffering and coupling agents.
  • FQE Solvent-HW Good squeeze compound for sand formations, excellent general use compound, good for asphaltene compounds (PD33). Liquid, organic, surface active chemical for use in crude oil to control the deposition of paraffin. Effective in preventing paraffin deposition in tubing strings, production lines and pumps. Effective in dissolving asphaltene accumulations. Batch treatment in downhole conditions to remove plugging created by wax and asphalt deposits.
  • fqe-degreaser-rn-25 Strong degreaser for medium/heavy oils, brine water compatible.
  • FQE Solvent-HW2 Good squeeze compound for sand formations, excellent general use compound, good for asphaltene compounds (PD33). Liquid, organic, surface active chemical for use in crude oil to control the deposition of paraffin. Effective in preventing paraffin deposition in tubing strings, production lines and pumps. Effective in dissolving asphaltene accumulations. Batch treatment in downhole conditions to remove plugging created by wax and asphalt deposits.
  • fqe-bacteria-kill-a-25 FQE™ Bacteria Kill A, is an aldehyde based biocide that provides protection against a large range of bacterial and fungal organism growth. FQE Bacteria Kill A will effectively eliminate the formation of bio-films which can lead to microbial influenced corrosion, souring, well plugging, decreased flow rates and bio-fouling.
  • FQE Solvent-WT Excellent tank bottom compound where grind of the bottom shows entrapped water/solids (PD11). Liquid, organic, surface active chemical for use in crude oil to control the deposition of paraffin. Removes accumulated paraffin deposits by use of surface active and penetrative powers. Prevents the growth of paraffin or if paraffin growth is already present, it separates the paraffin particles. Can clean right down to the metal surface in a system.
  • fqe-bacteria-kill-p-25 FQE™ Bacteria Kill P is a highly effective bactericide for the control of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in industrial water systems.
  • FQE Solvent-WCI Good compound for continuous injection for combination paraffin/asphaltene dark colored crudes (PVY3857). Liquid, organic, surface active chemical for use in crude oil to control the deposition of paraffin. Effective in removing and preventing paraffin in production equipment. Continuously injected to keep the system clean after shock treatment. Batch treatment at 1-4 week intervals down the annulus to remove paraffin build-up.
  • fqe-bacteria-kill-ps-25 FQE™ Bacteria Kill PS is composed of a liquid polyamine, semipolar compound that possesses excellent corrosion and bactericidal properties.
  • FQE Cold Flow Improver Good compound for use in heavy wax content crude to improve cold flow pumpability. Liquid, organic, oil soluble chemical for use in crude oil and distillate to control congealing oil due to paraffin crystals. Used to improve cold weather crude oil handling. Provides better pumpability and reduced flow resistance for crude oils in production and pipeline operations. Wellhead injection to facilitate production of high pour point crude oils. Continuous injection is more effective than batch treatment
  • fqe-bacteria-kill-2a-25 Water-soluble aldehyde mixture concentrate designed for pipeline applications. Broad spectrum control of bacteria with non-interfering with polymers.
  • FQE Bacteria Kill I FQE® Bacteria Kill I will control sulfur-reducing and other oilfield related bacteria in drilling muds, workover fluids, packer fluids, water injections and water disposal systems. FQE Bacteria Kill I is composed of a liquid formulation of an aldehyde type bactericide, effective against both aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms.
  • fqe-bacteria-kill-i-25 Water-soluble isothiazolin-type. Control of slime-forming and sulfate reducing bacteria. Effective for application in cooling towers and for bacterial control in water injection.
  • fqe-bacteria-kill-5i-25 Water-soluble isothiazolin-type concentrate designed for pipeline applications. It will control slime-forming and sulfate reducing bacteria. Effective control of bacteria in tank bottoms and gas transmission systems.
  • fqe-bacteria-kill-ai-25 Water-soluble aldehyde/isothiazolin with exceptional control of sulfate reducing bacteria. Compatible with polymer-treated water. Does not interfere with viscosity characteristics of polymer agents.
  • fqe-clean-road-25 Designed to be used in dispersing light hydrocarbon fluids such as gasoline and diesel oil for safe removal from municipal roads in hazardous spill response. Will keep gasoline/diesel oil dispersed in water for several hours before any phase separation occurs allowing for rinsing of the fuel spill into local storm water sewer systems.
  • fqe-engine-degreaser-25 Alkaline degreaser for medium oils, low-foaming, vehicle cleaning.
  • fqe-h2s-oil-25 Used for the treatment of hydrogen sulfide present in oil streams. An oil-soluble compound compatible with crude oil sources. Will react with hydrogen sulfide to form a stable reaction by-product. Can be injected to remove H2S and mercaptan from sour natural gas streams and liquid hydrocarbon. Assists in the control of acid corrosion effects of hydrogen sulfide. Effective in treating sour crude oils during transportation operations in ocean-going cargo.
  • fqe-lel-vw-25 Winterized version of FQE™ LEL-V for application temperatures up to -29ºC (-20ºF).Will remain fluid for easy injection application in severely cold environments.
  • FQE Mercaptan-NC Odor Deodorant for control of nuisance mercaptan odors, no cinnamon aroma.
  • fqe-degreaser-aso-25 Alkaline degreaser for steam application in removing medium oils/grease.
  • fqe-solvent-df-25 Strong degreaser, high electrolyte content, high water-soluble solvent content, high greases in dryer felts.
  • fqe-solvent-gw-25 Designed for the purification of glycol-based coolant systems that regularly are contaminated with entrained petroleum-based oils Will successfully extract the oil to less than 0.5% oil in glycol within 12 hours of application. Based on a liquid-liquid extraction process. No treating chemical residue remains in the recovered glycol.
  • fqe-solvent-hd-25 A unique water-based, mixed hydrocarbon and alkaline degreaser with exceptional performance on heavy tars and lubricant greases. High-temperature application compatible. Can be used successfully on hot-equipment without safety concerns.
  • fqe-solvent-hf-25 FQE™ Solvent-HF is a solvent-based solvent cleaner that is built with organic solvents and d-limonene. It is effective in dissolving heavy greases and tars. It will remove the foulant and leave a water-wet surface ready for hot work without a secondary water-based cleaner rinse. The addition of d-limonene provides a pleasant orange aroma to the application of the product.
  • fqe-solvent-hfl-25 Mixed solvent-based degreaser. Similar in chemical composition as FQE™ Solvent-HF with a pleasant orange aroma. Less effective with heavy oil penetration than FQE Solvent-HF. Much less expensive than FQE Solvent-HF.
  • fqe-solvent-hm--25 An effective solvent based on the performance characteristics of FQE™ Solvent-H and enhanced for applications where waxes/paraffins are problematic contaminants in upstream petroleum production operations and downstream refining processes. Will dissolve and suspend asphaltenes and waxes in solution for long terms aiding not only in the removal of these difficult deposits, but also for reinsertion into the recovery process.
  • fqe-solvent-ht-25 Used for dissolving asphaltenes and high molecular weight waxes in applications where higher temperatures are required or desired (up to 116ºC or 240ºF). Recommended for use with hard pipe circulation applications. Product flash point is over 121ºC (250ºF).
  • FQE Solvent CNA Used for cleaning and deodorizing vessels containing allyl compounds.
  • FQE Solvent PDS Designed to dissolve troublesome paraffin deposits typically found in vacuum tower bottoms, cat-crackers, oil storage tanks, heat exchangers and other processing equipment found in the petroleum production and refining industry.
  • FQE Bioemulsifier FQE Bioemulsifier is a unique, water-based, biodegradable product designed and engineered as a hydrocarbon mitigation agent.
  • fqe-inorganic-eater-25 A mildly acidic water-based cleaner used for dissolving difficult water-born scales such as silicates. Will effective and safely remove/dissolve concrete from concrete transportation vehicles and other surfaces soiled with dried concrete.
  • fqe-cleaner-csr-25 Water-based descalent for carbonate and sulfate scales and flash rust prevention. Effective removal of common scales in equipment. Leaves a protective thin film that prevents carbon steel from following descaling.
  • fqe-rust-eater-25 An acidic cleaner designed for the removal of iron oxide scales from porous surfaces such as concrete slabs. Effectively capable of pulling rust stains out of pore space of concrete and other similar materials.
  • FQE Fats Odor Deodorant for fats/rendering.
  • fqe-boil-out-hb-25 Paper and pulp industry, boil-out compound for head boxes.
  • fqe-dryer-felt-cleaner-25 Paper and pulp industry, dryer felt cleaner.
  • fqe-felt-cleaner-g-25 Paper and pulp industry, felt cleaner.
  • fqe-felt-cleaner-hd-25 Paper and pulp industry, felt cleaner, heavy descaling with degreasing on synthetic felts.
  • fqe-felt-cleaner-hi-25 Paper and pulp industry, felt cleaner, alkaline, high iron content dispersant.
  • fqe-felt-cleaner-lf-25 Paper and pulp industry, felt cleaner, low alkaline, degreasing, low foam for natural fibre felts.
  • fqe-hood-cleaner-ma-25 Paper and pulp industry, hood cleaner, mild mineral acid, strong solvent degreasing with scale solvation.
  • fqe-hood-cleaner-ms-25 Paper and pulp industry, hood cleaner, mixed acid for mild scale removal, heavy degreasing.
  • fqe-hood-cleaner-os-25 Paper and pulp industry, hood cleaner, organic acid with acid intensifier for barium and magnesium salt deposits/grease removal.
  • fqe-wet-end-cleaner-25 Paper and pulp industry, wet end cleaner, alkaline.
  • FQE Nature Clean FQE® Nature Clean emulsifies petroleum based products so they become more readily biodegradable.
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