Commitment to Safety

At FQE Chemicals, we hold health and safety as a core value and we actively care for our employees. Our vision is a workplace free of incidents and injuries.

As a result, health and safety is integrated into every aspect of the work process. This attitude is universal at FQE Chemicals, starting with our President through to the newest member of our team.

Working safely is a requirement of employment with FQE Chemicals

That means not only complying with legislation, policies, standards, and procedures but exceeding them wherever possible. We strive to prevent incidents through the active education and engagement of our employees. We base our safety culture on our own experiences and the best practices in our industry.

Prevention of accidents is an important responsibility of all personnel. If a condition exists which constitutes a hazard to employees, visitors, or assets and we are not able to correct it ourselves we report it to supervision for attention.

It is the intention of the Company to conduct all phases of it’s operations in the safest possible fashion, including:

  • To provide our employees with a safe work environment, protecting them to the best of our ability from injury.

  • To protect the public and our clients against injury or damage to the best of our ability.

  • To protect our assets, vehicles, buildings, equipment, and products against damage or loss.

  • To protect our environment against spills or contaminations of chemical spills/releases to the air, ground water and soil.

These principles are paramount to our operational success and every employee is necessary to make our Company a safe place in which to work, and to be a responsible member of the community.

FQE Chemicals is a proud member of the following organizations:


We are committed to the health, safety, and environmental impact of our products. Our chemistries are developed to be personnel and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we continually strive to look at ways to improve the environmental impact of our chemicals.