Our Company

At FQE Chemicals, we help our clients by creating innovative and unique chemistries that provide superior value and performance. Our clients benefit from reduced equipment downtimes, gain additional revenue from recovered sources, and realize significant savings on maintenance costs.

Vision & Purpose

To create innovative chemistries that improve the efficiency, safety and financial performance of our clients’ assets.

About FQE Chemicals

We are focused on innovation. We specialize in chemistry that solves specific engineering, environmental, safety, workflow, and economic issues at your facility. We approach the creation of our chemistries differently than our competitors. We first discern how problems arise, then reverse engineer those problems. As a result, we create paradigm-shifting chemistries that directly target your foulants. Our team has extensive and proven experience in developing award-winning products. The unique perspective we take on chemistries has led to many innovations in degassing and decontamination, pipeline cleaning, tank cleaning, bioremediation, and more. 

Our chemistries offer tremendous value and performance to help with your bottom line. We’ve saved clients over $1,000,000 in disposal costs, recovered over $700,000 in hydrocarbon sources, and reduced equipment downtimes by days, resulting in more production time. Learn about our real world results in our Case Histories, or explore our Contaminants and Applications pages to see how your operations can benefit from our industry-leading chemistries.

FQE Chemicals is physically located in Deer Park, Texas, Edmonton, Alberta, and Perth, Australia, and distributes its chemistry globally.

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We are committed to the health, safety, and environmental impact of our products. Our chemistries are developed to be personnel and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, we continually strive to look at ways to improve the environmental impact of our chemicals.

Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges

The industrial sector is facing new challenges every day that require innovation to meet tomorrow’s demands. With our years of experience and deep understanding of chemistry, we respond faster to provide the quality products that our clients have come to expect. Chemistry is not static; it’s a dynamic, evolving field that requires creative thinking and a clear vision to stay ahead. Through our research and development, new products are created to meet changing demands and to find even more efficient ways of maximizing our clients’ production.