Amine Plant Scaling Removal

Amine plant scaling reduces the plant capacity and needs to be removed. Chemical cleaning of the scales removes the contamination and increases capacity.

Chemicals Utilized

Amine Plant Process

The amine plant uses amine compounds to treat incoming sour gases from many sources such as hydrotreaters and both atmospheric and vacuum tower overheads. A secondary amine unit can be located downstream of the sulfur recovery unit and is called a Shell Claus Offgas Treater Unit (SCOT). The SCOT unit is treated the same as the Amine Plant. 


To begin, sour gases enter the absorber. Aqueous solutions including alkylamines, called amine solutions, contact the gas. During this contact, the solution removes hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.


Once H2S and CO2 are removed, the purified gas is now considered sweet. Next, the sweet gas exits the top of the absorber. At the same time, rich amine (that contains the absorbed acid gases) goes from the absorber bottom to a stripper column. 


Rich amine sour gases are stripped from the amine solution and go out the column top to a condenser. Then, the acid gases leave to a flare or sulfur plant.


Once the amine is stripped of sour gas it is called “lean” amine. The lean amine goes from the column bottom through a heat exchanger and to the water or air cooler. The amine is then reintroduced into the absorber tower to repeat the cycle.

What Problems do the Amine Plant Cause?

Because of the high concentrations of H2S, as well as the water and steam deposits, amine plant scaling becomes an issue. The amine plant encounters H2S gases and iron sulfide scaling. These form in the absorber tower as well as the stripper column. In addition, water and steam side exchangers develop rust and water-born scale deposits. These scale deposits reduce capacity.

Our Chemical Cleaning Solution

Amine plant scaling removal is achieved through chemical cleaning. In addition, application of chemistries will neutralize H2S gases.


Remove Iron Scaling

FQE® Scale-Solv, an acid-based cleaner, removes iron scaling that comes with the high concentration of H2S. The same chemical cleaning process removes the scale deposits from the heat exchangers.


Degas the Amine Plant

Hydrogen sulfide will be generated with the use of the descaling product. However, if flaring of the reaction product is not available, the additional use of FQE H2S Scavenger product can be used to mitigate any H2S concerns.


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