Case History

Rapid removal of Coker Pre-feed Exchanger at Port Arthur Refinery with FQE Solvent-H+

1-week outage turns into 1 shift


Coker preheat exchangers required 5 shifts and heating trucks to remove exchangers from the shell.


During the LCGO flush when the unit is coming down, a 2% concentration of FQE Solvent H+ was injected into the feed.

The purpose of the injection was to clean the cokers and feed preheat exchangers.


Pulled 1 exchanger with 100°F of preheat, the second exchanger required no preheat at all vs. 4 feet or more in competitor cleanings.


FQE Solvent-PR+
Rapid removal of solid hydrocarbon and polymer deposits
Heat Exchanger

Outage problems

The Port Arthur Refinery, located in Texas, had long faced challenges in removing the Coker pre-feed exchanger during maintenance shutdowns. Traditional methods often require extensive time and resources, resulting in prolonged downtime and significant operational costs. However, with the introduction of FQE Solvent H+, a revolutionary solvent-based cleaning solution, the refinery aimed to streamline the removal process and minimize downtime.

FQE solution

In response to the challenge, the refinery opted to deploy FQE Solvent-H+, a powerful and environmentally friendly solvent-based cleaning solution. FQE Solvent-H+ is specifically formulated to dissolve hydrocarbon deposits, including stubborn fouling commonly found in heat exchangers and process equipment.


The removal process commenced during a planned 12-shift shutdown period. Using established cleaning procedures, FQE Solvent-H+ was circulated through the Coker pre-feed exchanger. Unlike traditional methods that rely on additional heat, FQE Solvent-H+ effectively dissolved the deposits at ambient temperatures, eliminating the need for energy-intensive heating equipment.


The use of FQE Solvent-H+ enabled the refinery to complete the cleaning process within a fraction of the time typically required using conventional methods. The reduction in downtime resulted in significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency.


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