Chemical Decontamination of Crude, Vacuum and Rose Units

Results Achieved

70% reduction in down time

Over $2,000,000 in additional revenue

Over $150,000 in maintenance cost savings

Chemical profiles


Created for the dissolution and recovery of asphaltenes in process equipment, pipelines and storage tanks.

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Rapid absorption of vapor-state hydrocarbons in an innovative encapsulant for effective decontamination and degassing of hydrocarbon processing equipment.

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Designed for instantaneous and permanent elimination of Hydrogen Sulfide present in refining and other process equipment.

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Prevents hazardous oxidation of iron sulfide and the potential dangers of a flash fire or explosion in hydrocarbon processing equipment.

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A petroleum refinery in the Southern United States used FQE™ Solvent-H, FQE™ LEL-V, FQE™ H2S and FQE™ Pyrophoric products to decontaminate and clean the crude and vacuum distillation plants.


The cleaning in the three units involved the towers and all associated piping and heat exchangers. The crude unit cleaning included two desalters. The rose unit cleaning included the resin settler tower and all heat exchangers. The crude unit towers, piping and exchangers were circulated using LCO and FQE Solvent-H to remove residual tars and asphaltenes during the normal cool down and flush procedure. The equipment was steam phase degassed following the heavies removal. The two desalters were circulated with FQE Solvent-H to solvate accumulated organic sludge.


After FQE Solvent-H application, the towers were drained. Degassing was completed after 12 hours of chemical injection into a steam sparge. All equipment was successfully cleaned and acceptable for hot work on inspection. The plant estimated that over $150,000 was saved over the conventional method of cleaning and over $2.0 million was gained in additional production by the time savings.

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