Chemical Decontamination

Make your equipment safe to enter without risking safety or downtime.


Our advanced chemical cleaning processes render the inside of your equipment completely safe for hot work, eliminating potentially dangerous solids, residual oils, and gases without sacrificing your tight outage schedule.

Hydroblasting solids. Managing dangerous LEL’s. Sweating turnaround hours. Creating a totally safe work environment within your equipment can be a trying experience—one which not only creates safety challenges for your team but also threatens to delay turnaround plans if workflows don’t come together as planned. And when it comes to the cleaning phase of maintenance turnarounds, failure to achieve a suitable environment quickly and predictably can cause costly and frustrating bottlenecks.

The Solution?

FQE Chemicals high-performance chemical cleaning processes eliminate dangerous elements inside your equipment in a way that minimizes both cost and safety risk. Using a solution custom engineered for your equipment and its operating dynamics, we can introduce a series of chemicals into your equipment that make it safe for hot work both quickly and reliably and keep the equipment self-contained in a closed-loop system. You’ll get:


yellow-bulletLess exposure to safety risk by letting the chemistry perform all of the work previously done mechanically

yellow-bulletLower risk to project costs with a predictable, reliable resource (our chemicals get the job done in a predictable time period with no surprises)

yellow-bulletFaster project execution to make the most of outage and turnaround downtime


Our clients leverage our expertise in chemistry and facility engineering to slash maintenance, operating, and environmental costs through the creation of solutions that optimize the way your plant works. Through chemically-based decontamination, degassing, and polishing technologies and techniques, you can reliably clean any critical process equipment including:


yellow-bulletHeat exchangers
yellow-bulletAssociated piping
yellow-bulletDistillation towers

Less human contact, less safety risk


Our chemical cleaning processes let the chemistry take the lead, reducing human touch points with the equipment during the cleaning process. Human exposure to dangerous substances and situations is minimized. These seemingly small situations whereby chemical processes can take the place of actual people add up to significant improvements in both safety prevention measures, manpower utilization, and overall plant economics.


Molecules don’t take a lunch


You can’t afford to employ anything but the most certain resources to execute your next pre-maintenance equipment cleaning. That’s why so many asset managers trust our chemical cleaning process. By working with the design of their operating environments, we enable our customers to make the most of available resources: using chemical solutions that work 24 hours a day when they’re needed most. With minimal equipment and minimal human resources, your equipment gets permitted for hot work quickly, easily, and dependably.

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