We are excited to announce the launch of our new website! The new site has some great improved features to make it easier to explore our offerings. Our goal with this launch is to offer our clients an easy way to find information on how FQE Chemicals products can and has helped your operation to become more safe, efficient, and productive.

Here’s some of the highlights to note:

  • Simplified Design. Chemistry is complicated, but that doesn’t mean our website needs to be! We have simplified our design with our new easy to read and modern font, space intuitive icons, and upfront information so it’s even easier to understand our products and their applications for your business.
  • New Chemical Families. By combining related chemicals into families, we have simplified finding products that will solve your specific issues. No matter what you need, the FQE Chemicals families are a quick and easy way to find what you need. You can now find our products organized into the below 8 families. Additionally, you can expect us to post some interesting things about the capabilities of the products in these families in the coming months.
  • Name Changes. With our new chemical families, we decided to rename a few of our products to better describe their functions. Below are the new names with the old names referenced in brackets.
    • FQE H2S Scavenger (FQE H2S)
    • FQE H2S Scavenger Oil (FQE H2S Oil)
    • FQE Barium-Clear (FQE Scale-Solv BA)
      FQE Dithiazine Clean (FQE Sulfa Rid)
      FQE Citrus Degreaser (FQE Degreaser L5)
      FQE Oil Degreaser (FQE Degreaser ACMO)
      FQE Pore Clean (FQE Clean Road)
      FQE Wax Degreaser (FQE Degreaser ACHW)
  • Enhanced Case Histories and Blogs. Finding Case Histories or Blogs with insights into chemistries has never been easier! Our new search function means you can filter by either your own term or choose the chemical product, application, contaminant, or unit type from our lists. This will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And, coming soon are new case histories highlighting the results that customers have recorded after using our chemistry.
  • Industry Focus. We broke down a typical refinery operation by unit to identify the common contaminants, affects on production, and the chemicals we have that can provide an effective solution to these issues. We are looking forward to doing the same deep dive soon into other industries such as natural gas, petrochemicals, waste treatment, mining, and more.
  • New Railcar Cleaning Application Animation. We have put together a use-case animation of a railcar chemical cleaning application. This animation shows a scenario where a contaminated railcar needs to be thoroughly cleaned to meet standards for a change of service. Our chemicals treat the specific foulants in railcars with targeted product meant for that specific contaminant.

Visit today to explore our new website!