FQE Chemicals was featured as the Member Spotlight in the 2019 Spring/Summer InsideTrack magazine from The Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers. The article, “FQE Chemicals: Making Oil Tank Car Cleaning Quicker, Safer” by James Careless, talks about the FQE Chemicals alternative method for oil tank car cleaning.

“Oil tank cars cannot be used indefinitely without routine cleaning. During transportation, heavy organic asphaltenes and paraffin particles suspended within the crude oil, form deposits in the oil tank cars; clogging the bottom outlet valves and migrating into pores in the tanks steel walls. If not removed on a regular basis, these particles can leech from the walls and contaminate products being carried inside.”

“In contrast to the traditional approach to tank car cleaning, the FQE Chemicals method doesn’t require a PPE-wearing worker to do the heavy cleaning work inside.”

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