Case History

A large petroleum refinery completely eliminates H2S levels exceeding 8,000 ppm in their SRU plant sump in only 5 hours using FQE® H2Scavenger

Results Achieved

Complete elimination of
hydrogen sulfide level
Zero LEL’s
5 hours total time

Chemicals Utilized

H2S scavenger for the rapid and permanent elimination of H2S

A large petroleum refinery plant in the Southern United States used our FQE H2S Scavenger product to eliminate high hydrogen sulfide levels in the SRU plant sump.

The sump contained contaminated water at dangerously high levels of hydrogen sulfide over 8,000 ppm. The typical cleaning process resulted in work stoppage and extended purging of air through the system to carbon canisters to void the equipment of hazardous levels of hydrogen sulfide.

A solution of FQE H2S Scavenger was injected into the sump contents and the liquid was circulated for 1 hour to eliminate the dissolved hydrogen sulfide. After 1 hour of circulation the air space above the sump fluids were treated by spray to remove the vapor-phase hydrogen sulfide. The sump air space was checked and found to be void of H2S with sump liquid having non-detectable hydrogen sulfide.

The total time for decontamination was 5 hours. The waste water was sent directly to waste water treatment without delay. Previous decontamination work done required much more time and the high expense of activated carbon canisters.

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