Case History

Steam time to degas Oil Sands Refinery process equipment in Western Alberta was reduced by 10 hours by using FQE® LEL-Vapor over a competitor’s products

Results Achieved

Benzene levels tested after the degassing process = 0.4 ppm
Steam time reduced by 10 hours vs. the competitor’s product

Chemicals Utilized


Rapid absorption and encapsulation of vapor-state hydrocarbons

Benzene Levels Tested After the Degassing Processes:
FQE LEL-Vapor Chemistry 0.4 ppm
Competitor’s Surfactant Enzyme Based Product 25.0 ppm
A Western Alberta Canadian Oil Sands Refinery had used a competitive product to degas various process equipment. Remaining benzene vapors in this hydrotreater after a degassing treatment with this product was a problem.

The targeted level of tested benzene to achieve in the degassing process was less than 10 ppm benzene. During the shutdown, the plant planned on degassing this hydrotreater, but decided to try and steam out the surge drum on the hydrotreater unit using our FQE LEL-Vapor chemistry while steaming out the remainder of the hydrotreater plant with the previously used competitor’s chemistry. The surge drum was picked to test FQE LEL-Vapor degassing chemistry because this was felt as the source of the worst benzene contamination.

Results: The steam process time was 8 hours with FQE LEL-Vapor compared to 18 hours with the competitor’s products.

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