Case History

A Fluidized Catalytic Cracker Fractionator Tower was decontaminated of 87 ppm of benzene and 71 ppm of H2S in half the time of a competitor’s typical product

Results Achieved

Benzene and hydrogen sulfide free
Zero LEL’s after 12 hours
of circulation
Clean Equipment

Chemicals Utilized


Rapid absorption and encapsulation of vapor-state hydrocarbons

H2S scavenger for the rapid and permanent elimination of H2S

A large petroleum refinery plant in the Southern United States used FQE® LEL-Vapor and FQE H2S Scavenger to decontaminate and degas the fluidized catalytic cracker fractionator tower.

The fractionator tower was decontaminated using vapor-phase steam injection. The typical cleaning process resulted in work stoppage and extended purging of steam through the system to void the equipment of hazardous levels of flammable gases and hydrogen sulfide. After 12 hours of chemical injection into the sparge steam, the equipment was successfully degassed with no benzene, hydrocarbon, or hydrogen sulfide remaining. All contaminants of concern were addressed simultaneously with the steam injection process. The starting benzene was recorded at 87 ppm with a hydrogen sulfide level of 71 ppm. The wash water was sent directly to waste water treatment without delay or upset.

Upon entry the equipment was found to be clean, requiring no additional work prior to maintenance activities. The client stated that previous decontamination work done by competitors typically required 24 hours to achieve acceptable entry conditions and often left heavy oil residue on the lower trays of the fractionator.

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