Chemical Decontamination of LVGO Heat Exchangers

Results Achieved

Exchanger cleaning timelines reduced from 5 days to 12-hours

Reduced mechanical cleaning costs by over 90%

Recovered at least 100,000 bbl. of production

Chemical profiles

FQE Solvent-H

Created for the dissolution and recovery of asphaltenes in process equipment, pipelines and storage tanks.

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An oil refinery in Wyoming running heavy Canadian crude utilized FQE® Solvent-H to circulate and decontaminate fouled exchangers and saved over 4 days of outage time.

The heat exchangers were typically cleaned of solid hydrocarbon sludges by removing the bundle and performing mechanical high-pressure water blasting. The process traditionally took 5 days to complete due to the heavy fouling associated with Canadian crude.


The scope consisted of several banks of LVGO service heat exchangers. The banks were a combination of shell and tube as well as plate exchangers.


Using our FQE Solvent-H chemistry in three separate circulation loops, the exchangers were flushed within a 12-hour period and saved over 4 days of outage time. The exchangers were brought back online at full throughput making this a successful maintenance program. Based on the plant operating capacity, this would have recovered at least 100,000 bbl. of production.

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