Tank Cleaning – Sour Crude Oil Storage

Project Overview

 Tank Size  190 ft. (58 m) diameter
Tank Design External floating roof
Service Crude oil sour
Sludge Volume 7,480 barrels (1,189 m3)
 % Oil Removed 96.5%
Time Required 3 weeks

Results Achieved

H2S levels reduced from over 100 ppm to non-detectable

No man hours required inside the vessel

Chemical profiles


Created for the dissolution and recovery of asphaltenes in process equipment, pipelines and storage tanks.

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Rapid absorption of vapor-state hydrocarbons in an innovative encapsulant for effective decontamination and degassing of hydrocarbon processing equipment.

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A large petroleum refinery in the United States cleaned a sour crude oil storage tank using FQE™ Solvent-H and FQE™ LEL-V.


The detectable hydrogen sulfide levels were over 100 ppm prior to the introduction of the chemicals and were reduced to non-detectable levels upon completion. The project was performed on the exterior of the vessel by introducing the selected chemicals through a proprietary nozzle and pumping system designed to insure the bottoms agitation. Nozzles were then installed on the external floating roof and through the tank side manways, therefore no manhours were required inside the vessel.


The recovered oil was then processed to the plant coker unit, and the wastewater from the cleaning process was approved for disposal on-site at the wastewater treatment plant. The tank was approved by maintenance staff for a change of service.

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