Case History

Petrochemical plant with 93 metric tons of hard asphaltenes in their tank bottoms utilized FQE® Solvent-H to reduce cleaning time from 120 days to just 5 days

Results Achieved

Benzene and hydrogen sulfide free
93 metric tons of solids removed
Zero LEL’s after 8 hours
of circulation
Typical 120 day down
time reduced to 11 days

Chemicals Utilized

Award-winning asphaltene dispersant and anti-foulant


Rapid absorption and encapsulation of vapor-state hydrocarbons

A major petrochemical manufacturer of ethylene, propylene, and benzene in Brazil used FQE LEL-Vapor and FQE Solvent-H to successfully decontaminate and degas a product storage tank in their tank farm.

The tank contained 93 metric tons of rock-hard asphaltene tank bottoms as one solid mass. Typically, cleaning required up to 120 days using jack hammers to remove the solids. After 5 days of a bottom circulation at 77 – 82°C (170 – 180°F) with FQE Solvent-H, the tank solids were reduced to free-flowing coke.

A subsequent 12 hour circulation with FQE LEL-Vapor resulted in a successfully degassed tank and oil-free solids. The wash water was sent directly to waste water treatment.

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