Case History

US gas producer decontaminates an ammonia vessel to 0 ppm within 3-hours resulting in significant cost and time savings utilizing FQE® Ammonia Odor

Results Achieved

Complete elimination of
gaseous ammonia level
Over 95% reduction in outage time
No personnel exposure to
hazardous materials
No additional disposal expense

Chemicals Utilized

Rapid removal, neutralizing, and deodorizing of ammonia odors

A large purified gas producer in Texas used our ammonia abatement product FQE Ammonia Odor to decontaminate an ammonia storage sphere of high concentrations of ammonia.

The storage vessel contained residual compressed ammonia and the airspace was saturated with gaseous ammonia. A 25% FQE Ammonia Odor in water mixture was prepared and circulated in the tank. The tank bottom was pumped to a 3D nozzle inserted into a sphere connection point and allowed to circulate and atomize the FQE Ammonia Odor product through-out the vessel.

The ammonia elimination was completed in less than 3 hours with the ammonia being reported at 0 ppm. The liquid was allowed to collect on the sphere bottom and pumped out to waste disposal without issue.
This process was scheduled for a 3 day process time, however it was completed within 6 hours – resulting in a significant cost and time savings to the client.

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