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FQE Chemicals vs. Leading Competitors

What if you could use significantly less chemical? Stop using a one-size-fits all solution and get the targeted approach to chemical decontamination and degassing.
Why choose FQE Chemicals?
  • Targeted approach means less chemical requirements, saving you time and money
  • EHS personnel appreciate that the product is easy to apply, safe for the environment, and eliminates known safety risks
  • Suite of compatible products address benzene, LEL, H2S, pyrophoric, and ammonia odors

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FQE Chemicals vs. Leading Competitors

FQE Chemicals
Chemistries target specific contaminants to efficiently decontaminate and degas equipment
More active ingredients, less chemical requirements
40% faster compared to competitors approach
Leading Competitors
A one-size-fits all application is never optimized and equates to reduced efficiency and higher cost
Paying to ship water instead of active chemical
Less active ingredients and non-targeted chemistry equates to more time
LEL reduction performance comparison

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Unmatched LEL reduction performance


Chart Notes:

  • Unleaded gasoline vapor as LEL source
  • Two second application of product followed by 30 second settling time in between spray cycles.
  • 3% aqueous solutions of chemical products at ambient temperature 75°F (24°C)
  • MSA 4X gas meter, calibrated with CH4. Starting LEL point at 100%

Units we clean

Amine Units
Cat Crackers
Caustic Treaters
Crude Units
Ethylene Units
Flare Systems
Gas Compressor Systems
Hydrocarbon Tanks
Merox Units
Natural Gas Sweetening Units
Sour Water Stripper
Sour Water Tanks
Sponge Absorbers
Ethylene plant oil and water quench systems
Solvent recovery systems in polymer production
Any system containing light ends

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