Chemical Decontamination of Hydrotreater Stripper Tower, Coolers, Condensers

Results Achieved

Benzene and hydrogen sulfide free

Zero LEL’s after 12 hours of vapor phase steam injection

No iron sulfide combustion

Chemical profiles


Rapid absorption of vapor-state hydrocarbons in an innovative encapsulant for effective decontamination and degassing of hydrocarbon processing equipment. Significantly reduces equipment outage times.

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Designed for instantaneous and permanent elimination of Hydrogen Sulfide present in refining and other process equipment. Safe and effective permanent removal of the toxicity of Hydrogen Sulfide.

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Prevents hazardous oxidation of iron sulfide and the potential dangers of a flash fire or explosion in hydrocarbon processing equipment. Non-hazardous, non-acidic in nature. Safe and effective control of pyrophoric iron deposits.

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A petroleum refinery in the Northern United States used FQE™ LEL-V, FQE™ H2S and FQE™ Pyrophoric to decontaminate and degas their hydrotreater stripper tower and related equipment.


The equipment was decontaminated with iron sulfide scale, LEL content gases and hydrogen sulfide from the process. Decontamination was required for scheduled maintenance work. The equipment was cleaned by vapor phase steam injection with FQE H2S and FQE LEL-V for degassing of hazardous vapors. It was then treated with FQE Pyrophoric to deactivate the iron sulfide scale.


After 12 hours of chemical injection, the equipment was successfully degassed with no benzene, hydrocarbon or hydrogen sulfide present on analysis. On opening the vessel, the equipment was clean and no iron sulfide scale combustion was encountered. The associated equipment was cleaned by liquid circulation as needed. The wash water was sent directly to waste water treatment without delay.


Previous work conducted by competitors had left noticeable hydrocarbon odors and there was none following FQE LEL-V application.

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