Hydrogen Sulfide Removal From A Salt Mine Pond

Results Achieved

Increased efficiency from a safer working environment by reducing H2S levels by 90%

Lowered operating costs by reducing the chemical requirements by 60%

Ease of application and reliability

Safer materials handling

Chemical profiles


Designed for instantaneous and permanent elimination of Hydrogen Sulfide present in refining and other process equipment. Safe and effective permanent removal of the toxicity of Hydrogen Sulfide.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal From A Salt Mine Pond

In February 2018, a major American global corporation with a salt mine sought out a solution to safely and efficiently remove hazardous hydrogen sulfide from a sub-surface water pond to increase mining operations safety and efficiency.


During drilling and excavation at the mine, brine water with high concentrations of H2S is pumped out and stored in the sour water pond. The amount of water to be treated exceeds 350,000,000 gallons per year. H2S in the mining reservoir is found both in the liquid phase as well as the surrounding air space, and as a highly hazardous material, H2S can be lethal by inhalation at concentrations as low as 500 ppm. Due to the elevated H2S levels in the mine, operations efficiency was significantly impacted due to manpower access restrictions and equipment failure due to corrosion issues.

An initial field test using the FQE® H2S chemical was injected into the sour water pond over a 3-4 day duration, resulting in over a 90% reduction in H2S levels throughout the sample locations. The speed of reaction was especially noteworthy, as monitored H2S levels drastically fell within 5 minutes or less of injection commencement.

H2S Reduction at the Salt Mine with FQE H2S

Throughout the application process, the client was able to confirm several key benefits:

  • Increased efficiency from a safer working environment by reducing H2S levels by 90%
    FQE® H2S was able to successfully drop H2S levels by over 90% and therefore decontaminate the sour water in a permanent manner. Due to the decreased H2S levels, the mine was able to regain working efficiency by allowing manpower to access more areas of the mine without any potential safety hazards or equipment failures.
  • Non-hazardous materials handling
    As a non-hazardous and non-corrosive chemical, the FQE H2S product was significantly safer than the other alternative chemical products on the market. This was ideal for human handling in the mining facility; a confined work environment with limited egress.
  • Lowered operating costs by reducing the chemical requirements by 60%
    Based on the trial test, it was found that FQE H2S provided the most efficient mechanism of hydrogen sulfide removal in terms of the amount of required scavenger and the weight of hydrogen sulfide that was consumed. The client was able to reduce their forecasted chemical requirements by over 60% and therefore reduce their costs associated with chemical supply and the increased logistical load associated with less efficient alternative tested chemistries.
  • Ease of application and reliability
    Compared to another product previously utilized onsite, FQE H2S created no solid by-products and therefore alleviated any potential scaling or blockages tied to solids. As a result, the client was able to improve the reliable operation of the mine while addressing their H2S concerns.

As a result of the successful elimination of H2S in our client’s facility, we have increased mining efficiency by providing a safe work environment, lowered operating costs, and increased reliability through the ease of application.

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