Chemical Decontamination of Sulfur Recovery Unit Sour Water Sump

Results Achieved

Complete elimination of hydrogen sulfide level

Over 95% reduction in outage time

No personnel exposure to hazardous materials

Chemical profiles


Designed for instantaneous and permanent elimination of Hydrogen Sulfide present in refining and other process equipment.

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A large petroleum refinery in Texas used our hydrogen sulfide abatement product, FQE™ H2S, to decontaminate the sour water sump of the sulfur recovery unit (SRU).


The initial H2S readings from the sour water sump exceeded 62,000 ppm (6.2%). A 10% FQE H2S mixture in water was prepared and added to a vacuum truck. The sump contents were vacuumed into the truck containing the FQE H2S. The truck contents were sampled five minutes later with the H2S being reported at 0 ppm. A 10% solution of FQE H2S was added to the sour water sump to treat the solids within. The liquid was circulated for 10 minutes and then sampled. There was 0 ppm hydrogen sulfide detected in the sump solids. They were disposed in the plant without an H2S release.


Typically, this process is conducted by the slow addition of a strong oxidizing liquid over a 2-3 day period of time, resulting in extra time and additional disposal considerations being required.

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